Automatic Door Operating Systems

Automatic Trailer Door Operator System

Air powered, flush-mounted automatic trailer door operators that open, close, and lock your trailer with the tough of a button ensuring improved product safety and security


Our products work hard for your company. Depending upon your workload, our door openers can make your company over $10,000 per year for the life of the trailer. In many cases, it pays for itself in less than 6 months and produces over a 200% annual rate of return. Our opener is designed to make you money. Call us for further information and case studies on our automatic door operators.


  • Automatic door operation
  • Easily programmable, remote push-button controller
  • Flush mounted (no protruding parts)
  • Runs on compressed air (pneumatic)
  • Automatic rear and side door locking for high security
  • Consistently and easily keeps doors closed and locked.
  • Can be retrofitted into existing trailer and trailer doors
  • Very low maintenance requirements


  • Improved product safety and security
  • Time and motion savings
  • Energy savings
  • Maintenance savings
  • Insurance savings
  • Injury prevention savings
  • Litigation savings
  • Decrease product spoilage and theft
  • Employee satisfaction and retention

Remote Control Doors

At Your Fingertips

  • 4 programmable buttons for customized control
  • User interchangeable – pairs easily with our automatic opening system
  • Opens and closes rear trailer door for a secure seal
  • Runs the trailer’s interior and exterior cargo lights
  • Locks and unlocks the trailer’s side doors (if the trailer has side doors – customize button function as desired)
  • 2 “accessory buttons” for customizing your control of interior and exterior lights, alarm enable/disable, photo-eye deactivation, etc.

Trailer Door Opener

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