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Cold Chain is a leader in developing advanced solutions to common problems in the cold storage, food processing and transportation industries. We help our partners save energy, preserve product integrity and enhance safety during production, storage and transportation. Practical technology at work.

Cool Products. Period.

Cold Chain, LLC. partners with our customers to solve their problems and meet their future needs. Our practical designs provide revolutionary solutions where other solutions have failed. Whether we are helping customers save energy at a cold storage facility, finding ways to increase production time,  improving delivery efficiency, or transporting lifesaving medication at safe, consistent temperatures, our unique solutions provide  our customers new ways to become more profitable, efficient and safe.

Cold Chain strives  to help you do more with less. We provide consultation services, partner with energy conservation experts and assist with audits and energy rebate applications.

We design and manufacture custom solutions for both facilities and transportation:

  1. Freezer Lock™ Freezer and Cooler Doors: Very high speed, highly insulated, lightweight, practically bullet-proof and easy to clean. Available in both advanced automatic door or manual door systems. Shut the door- it’s cool in here.
  2. Dock Lock™ Loading Dock Doors: Nearly indestructible / breakaway door systems, same construction as our Freezer Lock ™ doors. Either manual or automatic. Tough as nails, smooth as silk. 
  3. Frost Lock™ Infiltration and Reduction Vestibule (IRV): Revolutionary and proprietary, IRVs reduce heat and moisture infiltration caused by areas of differential temperature and humidity. More than just hot air! 
  4.  Cold Lock™ Trailer Doors: Lightweight, insulated, advanced single panel trailer doors for both dry freight and refrigerated trucks and trailers. Lighter is better! 
  5. Trailer Lock™ Automatic Trailer Door Operating Systems:  Patent pending air powered door operator- Open, close and lock side and rear doors, and operate lighting systems- all with the push of a button. Protects products, reduces injury and saves time. Go ahead, make your day…easier, faster and more productive.
  6. Temp Lock™ Highly Insulated Refrigerated/Freezer Containers: Patented Cryo-Freeze® highly insulated coolers and freezers capable of maintaining extreme temperature for extended periods without external power. Cut the cord.
Northwest Food Processors Association Member

Northwest Food Processors Association Member

Cold Chain. Real solutions. Real savings. We work extensively to seek out incentives and rebates you may be entitled to. We help you quantify and value the opportunities available.

Freezer Lock™ Cold Storage Doors, Trailer Lock™ Automatic Door OperatorsFrost Lock™ Infiltration Reduction Vestibules, Temp Lock™ Cryo-Freeze Coolers and Freezers and Cold Lock™ Trailer Doors are all made to exacting standards to meet your needs. Keep it Cold.

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Innovative Solutions Throughout the Cold Chain
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