Our Mission

We manufacture innovative, durable products to help our customers be more profitable, efficient and safe. We partner with our customers to meet their needs and run our business with honesty and integrity. We do our best to always do the right thing.

Our products are built to last. They are innovative, functional, durable, dependable and reflect our high-level of craftsmanship and pride.

We leverage our experience to develop creative solutions for our customers, solving the challenges faced by everyday operators. Our practical designs withstand the harsh realities of the cold chain. Our products are designed to operate efficiently, helping our customers reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and increase on-the-job safety and productivity.

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Cold Chain is managed by a qualified team of professionals with more than 30 years experience is the Cold Logistics industry. Backing our core leadership team, Cold Chain’s ownership group is comprised of a team of entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in commercial real estate, energy production, specialty finance, food production, cold storage, and specialty construction. The varied and unique backgrounds of our owners’ aid in the innovative development of many of our products, improving operational efficiency and profitability for our clients. Our team has received multiple patents and have a track record of successfully developing solutions to persistent problems related to the Cold Storage and Transportation sectors.