Cold Chain’s Knock-Out Loading Dock Door System Patent

Cold Chain holds a patent for its knock-out loading dock door system, a technology that is becoming increasingly important to the food storage industry as a result of new Food Safety Modernization Act regulations.  “In addition to nearly eliminating damage from forklifts, our system has a very tight seal. This seal prevents the intrusion of heat, moisture, dust, insects and other pests from coming into your facility” explained company President, Joe Forney.

Cold Chain’s Automatic Trailer Door Operating System Patent

Cold Chain holds a patent for their Automatic Trailer Door Operating System, which provides substantial operating efficiencies and cost savings while reducing injuries. “This product allows food transportation and distribution companies much greater control of their temperature-sensitive loads by automatically opening and closing the trailer door with the push of a button, just like your garage door at home” explains company President, Joe Forney. This technology addresses new and changing Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations and recommendations from the FDA and USDA regarding food safety and security. “We believe this technological solution makes full implementation of the FSMA economically viable for the restaurant food delivery system. It’s really exciting to be able to improve safety and profitability at the same time.”

Cold Chain’s Personal Cooler Bunker System (DIBY) receives Patent

Cold Chain, LLC holds a patent for technology specific to its application for a device providing the increased performance from both rotational and injection modeled coolers.  

This technology uses a layering effect of carbon dioxide to create a thermal barrier around dry ice which results in the dry ice’s longevity and the ability to regulate temperatures inside a cooler.  The ability to regulate heat transfer creates the freedom for user to manage temperatures inside their coolers without giving up space to large volumes of wet ice. Beyond the ability to create a wide range of temperature form 12-39˚ F the DIBY multitool can be used as a cutting board, place for dry storage, or a bait tray.  The DIBY Multitool was built and increased performance in a wide variety of coolers makes and models.  

“We are extremely excited about this technology and the creation of a product that maximizes the customer experience.  It is cool to watch our team transform an idea into something tangible and for that physical product to make a meaningful improvement in the consumer experience, not only for the high-end cooler market but also in coolers at a lower price point.   We love seeing the DIBY practically and affordably incorporated into peoples’ experiences at kids sporting events, RV camping trips in addition to the more extreme camping, fishing, and hunting trips. I think we created a significant improvement in how people use their coolers. ” explains company CEO, Joe Forney.

Cold Chain’s Infiltration Reduction Vestibule (IRV) Patent

Cold Chain holds a patent for its Infiltration Reduction Vestibule - a technology that reduces the exchange of air through openings between adjacent rooms.

As warm humid air from one area of a production facility makes its way into the freezer portion of the facility, frost is created, indicating loss in energy and requiring time to remove the frost. As energy and labor costs rise, the need to keep air in one area of the facility from infiltrating another has become increasingly important. Granted in 2016, Cold Chain LLC’s patented technology specifically eliminates this infiltration into the production line freezers, saving energy and labor costs.

“This product allows companies much greater control of their operational temperatures and the ability to reduce heat and moisture infiltration between zones and at critical product transition points. We are extremely proud of the technology and its ability to help users find capacity increases from existing infrastructure without increasing the amount of electricity used. It is awesome to be a part of a Company creating technologies that enable users to truly become more profitable, efficient and safe.” explains company CEO, Joe Forney.

This same technology can be used for industrial processes that require the atmosphere in one portion of the facility from moving along with the conveyance of assembled products to another area of the industrial line or to keep “dirty” air from moving to otherwise “clean” environments.